Balcony Bar & Grill
balcony with a view

We are now open 7 days a week (dependent on weather) for
the 2014 season!

Live Music 

If you are interested in booking live music at Balcony Bar & Grill, please contact Russ Crossland -

June 2014

Sunday, June 1st -  Joe Mack & Sky Smeed
Monday, June 2nd - Ben Gibson 
Tuesday, June 3rd - Eric Keifer
Wednesday, June 4th - Rob Webster
Thursday, June 5th - Robby Overfield
Friday, June 6th - Sky Pilot
Saturday, June 7th - One Roof Blues
Sunday, June 8th - The Jelly Bellies
Monday, June 9th - Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy
Tuesday, June 10th - La La Bones
Wednesday, June 11th - Ben Gibson Band
Thursday, June 12th - JRPT
Friday, June 13th - The Assortment
Saturday, June 14th  - After Jack
Sunday, June 15th - Black Velvet
Monday, June 16th - Caitlin Cannon & The Cannondolls
Tuesday, June 17th - TBA
Wednesday, June 18th - Robby Overfield
Thursday, June 19th - Pete Guilliani Band
Friday - June 20th - Robin Davis Band
Saturday, June 21st - Hello Doll Face
Sunday, June 22nd - TBA
Monday, June 23rd - Tim Guidotti
Tuesday, June 24th - Terry Rickard
Wednesday, June 25th - TBA
Thursday, June 26th - Ace Revel Duo
Friday, June 27th - Little Wilderness
Saturday, June 28th - BACON
Sunday, June 29th - Tim Guidotti
Monday, June 30th - Caitlin Cannon & The Cannondolls

July 2014

Tuesday, July 1st - Terry Rickard
Wednesday, July 2nd - Rob Webster
Thursday, July 3rd - Running Out Of Road
Friday, July 4th  -Void Where Prohibited
Saturday, July 5th - The Moetones
Sunday, July 6th - Cranford Hollow
Monday, July 7th - Skyfoot
Tuesday, July 8th - TBA
Wednesday, July 9th - Kirk James
Thursday, July 10th - Danny Schaefer
Friday, July 11th - Ignatious Riley
Saturday, July 12th - Ignatious Riley
Sunday, July 13th - Bret Mosely
Monday, July 14th  - Joe Mack & Friends
Tuesday, July 15th - Kirk James
Wednesday, July 16th - Rob Webster
Thursday, July 17th - Pete Guiliani Band
Friday, July 18th - Robin Davis Band
Saturday, July 19th - Dog At Large
Sunday, July 20th - Black Velvet
Monday, July 21st - TBA
Tuesday, July 22nd - Tim Guidotti
Wednesday, July 23rd - Big Momma's Donna Band
Thursday, July 24th - Saloonatics
Friday, July 25th - Ben Gibson Band
Saturday, July 26th - Papa Otis
Sunday, July 27th - Gary Gorrence
Monday, July 28th - TBA
Tuesday, July 29th - Ace Revel Duo
Wednesday, July 30th - Rob Webster
Thursday, July 31st - Robby Overfield